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10th October 2022|Company Updates

Why energy sector may be the new tech

There are many reasons why the energy industry may be the new tech – the electricity that the energy sector produces daily is essential for individuals, businesses, households and organizations worldwide, ensuring their smooth operations & activities on a daily basis. The society has become dependent on the constant use of energy – from needing a phone charged to use it as a morning alarm, to getting to work on a tube which uses electricity to function, to carrying a job which requires consistent access to internet and a laptop.

Hence, getting a job in this field may seem as a more stable alternative for employees when compared to some of the other sought-after industries, for example the tech sector which is more heavily reliant on external factors such as the economy and the demand for its services, and hence is deemed as more volatile. Don’t get it twisted – people need technology products & services as much as energy, but the entry barrier for the tech companies is much lower for them; this in turn means more competition and also more unstable environment for the individuals working there.

Now, let’s take a look at the energy industry more closely. Whether we talk about renewable or non-renewable energy, every energy project, such as the recent re-opening of the offshore wind farm Hornsea 2 in the UK, needs a big financial investment upfront. This is partly because the building and installation process of nuclear power plants, solar panels, or wind turbines takes a lot of time and resources and requires planning and official approvals beforehand. This makes the entry barrier higher for the energy sector.

Simultaneously, with the increasing demand for energy worldwide (which has risen by 5% in 2021), the industry is seen as more stable due to the constant and steady demand. After all, the only way for you to read this article right now is to use energy either in the form of electricity or a charged battery on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Although your device doesn’t need to be the latest model to work (and in times of economic hardship, this becomes even less of a priority for most people), it still needs the same ease of access to electricity.

The energy industry also beats the tech industry in the number of jobs that the switch to renewable energy will create. Did you know the number of jobs in the solar energy industry is growing 12 times faster than the average industry in the US? It is estimated that by the year 2030, the switch to renewables will triple the number of jobs available in the renewable energy sector to 24 million worldwide. Therefore, the sooner you get in, the more experience you’ll have gained in the renewable energy industry by the time it becomes very sought-after and saturated.

Yet another reason to break into the energy industry will please all the technically oriented blue-collar workers worldwide. Why? The two fastest growing jobs are solar panel installer and wind turbine technician. In numeric terms, this translates into a growth of 105% and 96% by 2026 respectively for each role. This can serve as proof that the renewable energy industry is on the rise, and more jobs will be created within this sector while the other, usually environment-damaging sub-divisions of the energy industry such as the fossil fuels will suffer as their growth slowly but surely declines.

The good news? There are some good recruitment agencies focused on the energy sector which can help you get your foot in the door and often skip the application-screening process, too. How exactly does this work? The recruitment agency that specializes in the energy sector such as MAC Projects has developed partnerships with clients in the energy industry – these are usually large companies which are struggling to attract the right candidates with the desired qualifications and expertise. Therefore, they turn to recruitment companies such as MAC Projects who have plenty of qualified candidates in their database looking for work or who are open to new opportunities. When an employment opportunity with one of our clients comes up, such as our current opening for the role of Senior Programme Manager, we will notify all eligible job-seekers from our database.

Hopefully this article has provided you with more insight as to why the energy sector may be the new tech. To learn more about what MAC Projects do, see our About Us page.

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"We were impressed at how MAC Projects have been able to react and supply quality labour"

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