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Providing industry training for a skilled future in the traffic management sector.

We firmly believe in the value of a skilled and qualified workforce. For any individual looking to move into an industry, it’s essential to equip yourself with the necessary qualifications and knowledge to gain employment, and we’re delighted to be able to facilitate this.

We are proud to be a LANTRA Approved Training centre, offering a variety of courses in the traffic management sector. For a full list of LANTRA courses, click here. Other training courses that we can facilitate include:

  • 12A, B, C & D general courses in traffic management
  • CPC Driving Course
  • Winter maintenance training
  • CSCS
  • CITB

Whether you are beginning your career in the traffic management industry or you do not currently hold any registration cards, a TTMBC course or the related courses we provide can assist learners in the understanding of relevant codes of practice, Health and Safety requirements, as well as the different types roads across the UK network. By understanding the basic principles of Temporary Traffic Management (TTM) and site practices, MAC Projects can ensure that all new employees within the traffic management industry are in the fast lane to success.

Classroom based training
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What Our Clients Say

"...with Shaun, you will be represented as an individual for the long term."

Since I was introduced to Shaun I have only known a professional recruiter that is prepared to go the extra mile. One of his main attributes is his positive attitude when confronting a difficult problem. Unfortunately, a few recruiters are after the ‘quick kill’, but with Shaun, you will be represented as an individual for the long term. He puts many recruitment companies to shame.

From a client’s perspective, I would have no hesitation to engage Shaun to filter out and provide the best person for the position, knowing that the potential employee will be supported throughout the recruitment process.

Tim Greenhow, Senior Project Manager