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5th April 2023|Energy

Advantages of Solar Power: A Clean, Sustainable and Cost-effective Solution

Solar power is the energy derived from the sun, and it is rapidly becoming one of the

6th January 2023|Company Updates

A Guide to securing a job in Traffic Management

As the economic situation in the UK remains unpredictable, some may be looking to shift their career

6th December 2022|Company Updates

NUFC business club members

If you’ve been following our journey for a while, you’re aware that many MAC Projects team members

22nd November 2022|Energy

What is the pro-nuclear movement?

Things in the energy industry appear to be changing for the better when it comes to the

31st October 2022|Company Updates

Why to use a manpower supply agency

If you’re reading this, you’re most likely a decision-maker in the energy industry looking for different ways

17th October 2022|Company Updates

Should you get a job in renewable energy?

Before we dive into the topic of HOW or IF to get a job in renewable energy,

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What Our Clients Say

" Shaun is a true professional who listens closely to both sides of the client relationship"

Employers and job seekers take note! Shaun Docherty's ability to match skills and experience with optimum opportunities proved exceptionally successful for me. I had been actively looking for a new position in my industry for months with little progress, even with the help of some recruiters. My field is somewhat specialized and I was looking for a senior-level, non-management position. While Shaun is located in England, he seamlessly coordinated multiple calls and interviewing schedules for my time zone. Shaun is a true professional who listens closely to both sides of the client relationship to assure that communication and expectations are clear throughout the engagement process. Please read this as my unequivocal endorsement.

Mary Wyand, P.E., CEM, LEED AP, Project Developer/Manager at Encore Renewable Energy.